Board Includes:    
The best available local grass or alfalfa mix is fed twice daily, and the manager will work with each owner to determine the right amount for his or her own horse.
Simple owner supplied supplements are fed at no additional charge, with special feeding available for an amount to be determined individually. All horses need to be on a regular worming rotation.


  Horses have individual pipe-fenced runs with either a loafing shed or semi-enclosed stall, each with its own automatic waterer and feed bin. All are cleaned daily.        
We have several large turnout areas with both hay and fresh water available. Schedules and compatibility can be worked out with the resident manager, and horses can also be turned out individually. We like to see horses in a natural herd situation whenever possible, and watch the horses individually first to determine safe groups.

Riding Amenities
 - Access to virtually unlimited trail riding with excellent footing and all levels of challenge or relaxation
 - Large lighted arena with sand and wood chip footing
 - Working equitation course with poles, small jumps, a bridge, a keyhole, and other natural obstacles
 - Competitive Trail Obstacles including a Texas Two Step, Teeter Totter, Box, Balance Beam, Star, Stairway, Suspension Bridge, Rock and Stump Gardens.
 - A galloping track with deep sand footing and fabulous views of the valley, bosque, and surrounding mountains
 - A Natural Jump Garden
 - Round pen
Horse & Human Amenities
 - Covered portal with table & chairs, and lovely areas to relax or observe
 - Covered grooming and tack-up area
 - Wash rack
 - Secure premises, tack room, & feed room
 - Heated bathroom
 - Trailer parking with easy turn around
 - Large covered hay barn
 - Vets, farriers, equine dentists referred or you are welcome to use your own
 - Additional services can be arranged individually for an additional fee
Short Term: Inquire for rates
* A resident manager lives on-site to ensure the security and safety of your horse
* Rates are tied to the price of hay and fuel and may need to be adjusted. Boarders will be given 30 days notice. Board is due on the 1st of the month. Any payment made after the 10th of the month will incur a late fee of $25